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Burco-Somaliland, june 10, 2010

Armed Robbery in Burco

Fighting between so-called Riyaale administration and gun men has killed one man and two people were injured.

The clash occured Thursday in Burco. The clashes came after some of the so-called Riyaale troops started home invasion in order to rob the civilians and the gun men (auto-defense group) were trying to stop it.

The clash resulted in the death of one criminal and two people were injured.

17 people were arrested and four women were kidnapped for ransoms.

So-called Somaliland police were dressed in uniforms to commit robberies and detain thousand innocent people in Mandhera prison for ransoms.

Somaliland is a lawless province. There is nothing called soldiers or police. They just know how to kill and rob. Riyaale is a war criminal and he murdered civilians in Berbera in 1988.

Source : Burco FIC

Note de FIC : Nous condamnons les invasions de domicile, les kidnapping et les vols à main armée de l'organisation criminelle de Dahir Riyaale Kahin et nous appellons la population Issack à combattre le génocidaire Dahir Riyaale Kahin, l 'ancien lieutenant du Général Morgan.

Ci-dessus : les criminels portant l'uniforme de la pseudo Hargeisa police